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We started in the Haunted industry and found that many of our skill sets can be utilized in the escape games.  We then consulted with escape rooms to build props and puzzles for almost 2 years, and then decided that we wanted to offer our own unique games to the public and picked Wilmington NC to do so. You and your team will be challenged to solve or escape one of our thrilling and immersive adventures.  Here at XIT Rooms we pride ourselves in offering excellent themes and and not being serious, besides you are here to have FUN!  While having fun, you will be tested in your ability to communicate, and problem solve.     

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All Rooms are Private booking and starts with only 2 people

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After Federal agents have taken into custody a possible terrorist, you and your team are tasked with defusing the possible bomb found in his luggage.  From interviewing the suspect they found out that you have approximately 60 minutes to defuse the bomb.

60 Minutes

2 to 6 people

mobile escape room exit challenge

All Bookings are Private bookings!  don’t worry about getting stuck with strangers.

$25 Per Person*

* We have opened this room up for private bookings for 2 people.  $30 per person




Zombie Experiment:

You and your friends wake up after a night of partying and realize you are trapped.  You find out real fast that there have been people before you and have been tested on.  It would seem that who ever is running this experiment is making zombies.  You have 60 minutes before the doctor returns to experiment on you and your friends.   (Warning:  Very graphic! not for people with weak hearts or stomach)

60 minutes

2 to 8 people

$25 Per Person*

mobile escape room exit room challenge


All Bookings are Private bookings!  don’t worry about getting stuck with strangers.

* We have opened this room up for private bookings for 2 people.  $35 per person




After spending most of his life in an insane asylum, Robert felt that the only way to keep humanity from being eradicated by aliens was by having us all destroy ourselves.  Robert has planted devices around the world to be set off and create the perfect scenario for World War 3.  Robert’s plan will be completed unless you and your team can stop the plot of a mad man!  Your mission, if you choose to except, is to stop Robert and shut down the attacks.  You have 1 hour before his plan unfolds!


60 minutes

2 people

$25 Per Person

mobile escape room exit challenge

All Bookings are Private bookings!  don’t worry about getting stuck with strangers.

Team Building

Escape rooms are perfect for team building events for the office. They promote communication skills and critical thinking.   


Because escape rooms require players work together, they have become popular for company team building.


Let’s look at the best benefits.  There are many more benefits, but we wanted to point out our favorites.

Members set common goals

Jointly, escape room players set a goal: to solve the room’s mystery and escape.

Likewise, department members set departmental goals. Finishing a project, addressing all items in the queue, getting numbers up — these are all common departmental goals.

Team goals, be they work- or escape room-oriented, all work the same way.

Teams can Assess Members

At XIT Rooms your team will face unique challenges as a group and triumph over obstacles as a group. Our rooms will immerse the team in another world, take them way out of the mundane, and jumpstart creative and critical thinking improving problem-solving as a whole. It will be the talk of the water cooler for months to come!

Get Members engaged

Escape rooms let people explore tombs, search for buried treasure, and solve a hundred-year-old murder mysteries. They aren’t just problem-solving exercises. They’re fun, engaging, social activities.

Escape rooms are a type of game. Like board games and video games, they task players with overcoming obstacles quickly and effectively.  They allow for hands on experience and problem solving.

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All Rooms are Private Booking

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